Gallery 1

A selection of Jockstraps on Model.



  1. Do these come in extra large?

  2. You Beast! – you know they are made to measure!

  3. I love the macho/camp connection, spot on. It’s the reason I, like a lot of men, love the strap so much. If you’re not sporting, it’s costume, and yet it’s still burly and rough. Continue with the series, have fun, take some admirer suggestions for future straps, and compile them into a book. More than the tacky black and white male nudes hung around some guys’ apartments, this as a coffee table book would simultaneously be the most devilishly enjoyable and curiously poured-over book at any gathering.

    I especially love the back-n-forth between delicate & ornate (Wedding, Cum-a-lot) vs. titillating OR repulsing (Fist, Fly Front Day/Night)… it’s all the more engaging and provoking for it!

    • Hi Adam – how kind of you, thanks, Colin

  4. Excellent work here! I would love to write something about you on my site. Could you please contact me via email. Thanks.

  5. I think they are absolutely wonderful! I think we should get together so you can design work uniforms for my maids at Please get in touch with me!


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